Corporate Governance
Board of Directors
Law Fan Chiu Fun FannyIndependent Non-Executive Director

Aged 63, was appointed in November 2012 as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company. Mrs. Law is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, a Deputy of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”) to the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, a Member of the Executive Council of the Government of HKSAR, the Special Adviser to the China-US Exchange Foundation, a Director of the Fan Family Trust Fund and the Honorary Principal of Ningbo Huizhen Academy. Besides, Mrs. Law is an Independent Non-Executive Director of CLP Holdings Limited and DTXS Silk Road Investment Holdings Company Limited (formerly known as “UDL Holdings Limited”) (both listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) and an Independent Non-Executive Director of Nameson Holdings Ltd. Prior to her retirement from the civil service in 2007, Mrs. Law was the Commissioner of the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption. During her 30 years as an Administrative Officer, Mrs. Law has worked in many fields, including medical and health, economic services, housing, land and planning, home affairs, social welfare, civil service, transport and education. Mrs. Law graduated from the University of Hong Kong with an Honours degree in Science, and in 2009 was named an outstanding alumnus of the Science Faculty of the University of Hong Kong. She received a Master degree in Public Administration from Harvard University and was named a Littauer Fellow of Harvard University. She also holds a Master degree in Education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and is a Fellow of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors.