Corporate Governance
Board of Directors
Lu YiminExecutive Director & President

Aged 52, was appointed as an Executive Director of the Company in October 2008 and President of the Company in February 2009. Mr. Lu, a researcher level senior engineer, graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1985 and then was awarded a master’s degree in public administration by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Mr. Lu joined China Network Communications Group Corporation (“Netcom Group”) in December 2007, serving as senior management. Mr. Lu has served as a Non-Executive Director of PCCW Limited (“PCCW”, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with an American Depositary Receipts trading on OTC Markets Group Inc. in the U.S.) since May 2008 and the Deputy Chairman of PCCW since November 2011. Mr. Lu has served as a Non-Executive Director of HKT Limited (HKT Trust and HKT Limited are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) and HKT Management Limited (the trustee-manager of the HKT Trust) since November 2011. Prior to joining the Netcom Group, Mr. Lu was a member of the Secretary Bureau of the General Office of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, serving as the Deputy Director and the Director of the Information Processing Office since 1992, Secretary at deputy director general level since 2001 and Secretary at director general level since 2005. Mr. Lu is Vice Chairman and President of Unicom Group. Mr. Lu is also a Director and President of A Share Company, and a Director and President of CUCL. Mr. Lu has extensive experience in administration and business management in the government and the telecommunications industry.