Operating Data





  Q1 Q2 Q3
Mobile Billing Subscribers* (thousands) 258,929 260,703 262,074
Net Additions for the Quarter (thousands) 6,612 1,774 1,371
4G Subscribers (thousands) 59,301 72,417 88,906
Net Additions for the Quarter (thousands) 15,145 13,116 16,489
Fixed-line Broadband Subscribers (thousands) 73,405 73,938 75,050
Net Additions for the Quarter (thousands) 1,075 533 1,112
Fixed-line Local Access Subscribers (thousands) 72,035 70,522 69,027
Net Additions for the Quarter (thousands) -1,823 -1,513 -1,495
Mobile Billing Subscibers ARPU (RMB) 46.9 47.3 46.7
4G ARPU (RMB) 83.8 79.4 76.3
Mobile Handset Data Traffic (Bil MB) 268.7 326.5 403.6
Mobile Voice Usage (Bil Mins) 207.0 218.2 213.9

* In order to better satisfy the strategic management needs of the Company, the Company's internal management and analysis in relation to the mobile business focus more on the mobile billing subscribers (which in general refer to subscribers who have revenue contribution in the current month) and 4G subscribers (mobile billing subscribers who possess 4G handsets and use the 4G network of the Company) in 2016. From January 2016 onwards, the aggregate number and net addition of mobile billing subscribers and 4G subscribers are disclosed. The adjustment in the disclosure of subscriber statistics does not affect the Company's revenue and profit recognition.