Corporate Governance
Board of Directors
Wang JunzhiExecutive Director

Aged 57, a postgraduate with a master's degree in Engineering, was appointed in December 2021 as an Executive Director of the Company. Mr. Wang served as Deputy Director General and Director General of the Department of Labor Protection of All-China Federation of Trade Unions ("ACFTU"), Chairman of the National Committee of the Trade Union of the Energy and Chemistry Sector of China, Director General of the Department of Labor and Economic Work of ACFTU, Secretary of the Secretariat of ACFTU, a member of the 15th and 16th Executive Committee of ACFTU as well as a member of the 16th Presidium of ACFTU. Mr. Wang is currently a Director of Unicom Group, a Director of A Share Company as well as a Director of CUCL. Mr. Wang has extensive experience in management.