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China Unicom fully completed the 100% high-quality migration of cBSS, becoming the first operator in the industry to realise the centralised carrying of all services and all users nationwide


China Unicom launched its new corporate brand image in an all-round way and advocated “Innovation walks with Intelligence”


China Unicom built the first in-pit 5G commercial network in the country, enabling 5G+ smart mining solutions to enter a new stage of large-scale promotion


China Unicom and its partners established an education joint venture “iCloud Wisdom”

China Unicom Guangxi Branch launched operational reform by socialised cooperation

China Unicom announced entering the “Three-Gigabit” era and provided customers with the ultimate experience of a new generation of high-speed Internet access in all scenarios


China Unicom officially released its first MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) large-scale edge cloud commercial network

China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom jointly released 5G Messaging White Paper, expounding the core concept of 5G Messaging and specifying related business functions and technical requirements


China Unicom provided 5G+ thermal imaging human body temperature screening solutions across the country to firmly build the first line of defense for pandemic prevention and control


China Unicom achieved full coverage of 3G/4G/5G networks in Huoshenshan Hospital in a 36-hour uninterrupted construction to support pandemic prevention and control

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