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2018 Role Model

Overall Introduction

A hundred employee role models sang together the song of fighting spirit of "Five New" China Unicom. On 28th April, 2018, China Unicom hosted an "Employee Role Model Recognition Assembly" in Beijing commending 100 employee role models and an outstanding employee role model team. Mr. Wang Xiaochu, Chairman of China Unicom, attended and made a speech during the assembly. He vividly put forward the new requirements for the people of China Unicom in the New Era: brave to be "pioneer", dare to be "explorer" and excel to be "striker". He pointed out that the Company at all levels should diligently learn and advocate the spirit of the employee role models, jointly realise the "Five New" China Unicom dream and support the "China dream" in order to start a new paradigm of China Unicom's high-quality development in the New Era.

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(Chinese version only)

Mr. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, said, "Innovation is the soul of a nation's development, the running source of a country's prosperity, as well as the deepest cultural endowment rooted in the Chinese nation."

China Unicom upholds the corporate philosophy of "Change the world with innovation", insists on comprehensive innovation around systems, technology, business and services, and regards innovation as the No. 1 driver and key power in promoting corporate development. Through innovation, China Unicom demonstrates its confidence and aspiration for the future.

Only innovators move forward, get stronger and succeed. Let the spirit of innovation take root in China Unicom.

Serving in his role of IT support
Fu Xiaoqiang – from China Unicom Heilongjiang branch

Managing SIM Card projects at the front line
Meng Qingyi – from China Unicom Software Research Institute

Dedicated to research on targeted marketing
Xue Gang – from China Unicom Inner Mongolia branch


Hard Work

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Hundreds of boats race against one another across spring waves and clear rivers everywhere. Always showering under the sunshine in spring, one should keep improving himself even at the height of achievement.

Striving hard to satisfy customer needs in order to enhance corporate value, the ultimate aspiration of everyone in China Unicom. Opportunities and challenges coexist. Prospects and hope also coexist. Be ambitious but down-to-earth. Do not easily give up even there is difficulty.

"Swords can only be sharpened by grinding hard and the fragrance of plum blossom does not come without bitterly cold winter." People at China Unicom hold overwhelming ambitions, work hard to counter challenges, and strive to stand out, strongly enabling them to create success in this magnificent era.

A hero saving the battle front
Tang Yong – from China Unicom Fujian branch

A miracle creator that turnaround operating results
Han Guoping – from China Unicom Gansu branch

An entrepreneurial top-seller
Yang Shuang – from China Unicom Henan branch



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"All for the customers, all for the front line, and all for the market" is the business management philosophy of China Unicom. Strengthening service culture and advocating commitment are our attitude, behaviour, belief, as well as power.

Let us be touched in tears, telling the ordinary story of the phenomenal soul. That shock engraved on our mind defines the value and truth of life.

"Mist comes with breeze at night and quietly nourish the earth." Commitment to service is providing others with warmth and support. We improve, grow and gain from devotion. Everyone in China Unicom is willing to serve and devote and is indeed contributing to and extending the most touching chapter of China Unicom with their wisdom and efforts.

Staying discreet in the back office as the star of support
Li Yong – from China Unicom Shandong branch

Local, responsible and proficient at management
He Wenping – from China Unicom Xinjiang branch

Standing by round the clock to provide sincere services and instant responses
Duan Chenjing – from China Unicom Zhejiang branch



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Skilful at work, meticulous in heart and proper in conduct. Guided by the Focus Strategy, China Unicom builds premium quality network with professionalism, dedication and craftsmanship. It puts the social value into actions to offer high-quality network services to its customers.

Attentive to details, focused on a single task and comprehensive exploration, is how we see craftsmanship, which is not only about upholding professional confidence, but also injecting new generation characteristics and cutting-edge capabilities into existing products in an open-minded manner.

Our ultimate goal and craftsmanship sprit are always around us. It starts with an idea, builds on details and actualises in value. Leave trails in our times, pursue our dreams and forge ahead with craftsmanship.

Experienced craftsman
Qu Xiaosong – from China Unicom Beijing branch

Detail-oriented financial controller
Luo Yonghong – from China Unicom Hunan branch

Senior technician dedicated to quality
Li Hongtao – from China Unicom Jilin branch


Team work

Build an e-commerce army and dare to be a pioneer in transformation
E-commerce department at the headquarter of China Unicom

In this round of employee role model selection, in exception, the Group's e-commerce department was named "Employee Role Model Team". The team, which was formed just more than a year ago, innovated the new 212C differentiated business development model and generated RMB 12.2 billion in revenue and billing subscribers exceeded 50 million in 2017. It turned around the unfavourable situation of declining revenue and return, making significant contribution to the rebound of the Company’s operating performance. The average age of the team members is merely 32 years old and they are full of drive and passion.