Innovative Development

Empowering industrial upgrade

China Unicom vigorously explored the deep integration of technology and industry, and consistently promoted technological innovation to facilitate industrial upgrade and empower the transformation of growth drivers, fostering new cutting edges for China’s high-quality development.

Deployment in smart education

China Unicom believes in the in-depth integration of information technology with education and learning. Focusing on digital campus and the application of big data and artificial intelligence in education, China Unicom further opened up its capabilities and nurtured ecosystem, so as to contribute more to education informatisation and drive education modernisation.

Innovative Smart Medical Care

China Unicom focuses on cloudification of hospitals and regional healthcare informatisation, continuously deepens the integration of new technologies and healthcare services, facilitates the interoperability of regional medical data and sharing of quality medical resources, promotes the implementation of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, and tackles the “difficulties in accessing affordable medical treatment”, thereby enabling people to enjoy basic medical and healthcare services in a convenient manner and realising balanced allocation of medical service resources.

Advancing smart transportation

China Unicom actively develops big data product system and city vehicle management product system, and provides 5G + smart transportation and logistics solutions. By further optimising resource allocation, it helps improve the efficiency of urban transportation and reduce pollutant emissions, bringing positive changes to economic development, social life and ecological environment.

Developing smart public administration services

Actively responding to the appeal of the state and the real needs of the society, China Unicom is committed to building and operating new smart cities, with a view to improving operational efficiency of the government, strengthening scientific decision-making ability and enhancing perception of the public and enterprises. By building a new smart city platform and nurturing core capabilities of new smart cities such as integrated urban perception and AI-based data governance, China Unicom endeavoured to support the building of digital government and a co-built, co-managed and co-shared social governance paradigm.

Contributing to smart agriculture

China Unicom constantly drives the innovative integration of new technologies and smart agriculture applications, and provides comprehensive support, from research and development, planting to sales, for the social value enhancement of agricultural products, building a smart agriculture ecosystem.

Building smart factories

China Unicom is committed to becoming an enabler and service provider of 5G + AI industrial Internet. Building on 5G + industrial edge cloud and data service core capabilities, it supports the transformation and upgrade of China’s manufacturing industry, leading to improved efficiency and optimised operation. It helps large enterprises build “5G all-connected smart factories” while offering small and medium manufacturing enterprises with industrial internet platforms aggregating regional industry clusters as well as application services.