Ingenious brand building

China Unicom took the lead to launch its 5G brand logo “5Gn” and the tagline — “Let the Future Grow” and constructed its 5G branding framework. The 5G promotional programme “Forerunner” was accredited the gold award at the China International Advertising Festival (CIAF) for its in-depth marketing. As the Winter Olympics approach, China Unicom, as a Winter Olympics partner, created 10 applications for three scenarios — watching, joining and hosting the Winter Olympics basing on the theme “China Unicom 5G Empowering Smart Winter Olympics”, and helped carry out a series of promotion, display and theme activities for the Winter Olympics. The hashtag “China Unicom 5G Empowering Smart Winter Olympics”, had made the front opening page of Weibo, with over 130 million times of top reads and over 62,000 comments of discussion, as well as ranking No.6 on the hot search list of Weibo.

Diligently-produced products

China Unicom continued to push forward the Internet-oriented transformation and building a value-oriented operation system for high-quality development. The total number of users served by China Unicom reached 460 million, including 320 million mobile billing subscribers, 250 million 4G subscribers, and 83.478 million fixed-line broadband subscribers. The integrated user penetration rate reached 58.6%, up by 7.9 percentage points year on year.

Significantly expanded capacity for 5G packages with five-star experience on membership privileges

China Unicom’s newly launched 5G packages, based on its current 4G packages, providing expanded capacity including more data, richer content offerings and better services. The 5G packages are divided into seven price levels at RMB129, RMB159, RMB199, RMB239, RMB299, RMB399 and RMB599, with data capacity ranging from 30GB to 300GB. Users who have previously made reservation with the 5G packages could directly enjoy monthly discount for 6 consecutive months, and loyal subscribers who used our services for at least 3 years would be entitled to a 30% discount. China Unicom’s 5G package subscribers would also be entitled to exclusive membership privileges such as 5G video privileges covering VR, 4K ultra HD, AR, and ringback video, as well as music/ reading privileges such as WO Reading and WO Music, and other discount privileges.

Smart home Internet

In the field of home Internet, China Unicom continuously improved the “1+4+X” smart home product system, with a focus on the key services of “WO Family Video, WO Family Network Deployment, WO Family Fixed Call and WO Family Surveillance”, in an effort to meet user demands for comprehensive informatisation services such as “HD video, intelligent networking, security surveillance and AI smart voice”. Meanwhile, the Company deepened the construction of retail chain outlets to provide consumers more space to experience smart home. The Company coordinated various parties in the value chain and empowered the partners to build a smart ecosystem with win-win cooperation.

Rich terminal supply

China Unicom has been persistently maintaining a mechanism of open and fair cooperation to share with suppliers, cooperating with more than 100 upstream and downstream terminal suppliers to iteratively optimise the entire terminal supply chain and steadily improve terminal operating efficiency, so as to ensure that users enjoy better quality terminal products and services from China Unicom’s channels.

  • Completed negotiations with 47 suppliers for cooperation throughout the year, the Company introduced hundreds of smart living terminals with a total sales volume of approximately 4 million units.

  • Successively working with 26 chip, module and terminal manufacturers, ODMs, handset manufacturers, and Internet application providers to build a joint labouratory for 5G terminal innovation, a 5G R&D centre and a 5G application cooperative innovation centre. In addition, China Unicom’s 5G experience centres were set up in 300 self-operated service outlets and 311 social channels and terminal manufacturers directly operated stores, to bring 5G experience to more public users.

Innovative pan-integrated products

In order to meet the demand for services arising from huge population traffic and movement, China Unicom launched Phase I of a commercial trial for its cross-region products and services on 6 November 2019, further enriching cross-region service offerings by adding non-local e-invoice issuance and non-local international roaming activation/deactivation. As at the end of December, the Company handled a total of 617,648 orders for cross-region services nationwide (including previously introduced services such as cross-region replacement of SIM cards).

Meanwhile, China Unicom continued to hold the Internet-oriented mindset to refine the operation procedures and optimising the rules for registering for the integrated services while promoting simplified service sign-up procedures. Currently, branches in 19 provinces have already adopted the simple interface for the handling of integrated services, shortening the duration of service sign-up at the counter by 40% and the handling duration by 50%.

Differentiated products benefiting the general public’s livelihood

China Unicom’s 116114 hotline continued to introduce additional services for the benefit of the public, providing daily life service information including healthy community and remote medical consultation services, vehicle moving, law, employment, education, agriculture, psychological counseling. As at the end of 2019, approximately 28 million information inquiries had been handled, providing legal consulting and other services for millions of individuals and corporate users nationwide, including vehicle moving services for nearly 15 million users.