Improving customer perception

Guided by customer experience as the main goal, China Unicom focused on addressing obstinate issues and constantly improved service quality to enhance customer perception.

  • The Company improved the system for real-time evaluation of customer perception, evaluated service quality based on the customers’ voice, and established a customer perception evaluation barometer. It also refined the product experience management system through all newly launched products being examined and tested by the product experience centre of the customer service department, while products that failed to pass the test shall not be put on sale. Brand experience and communication were strengthened to fully enhance customers’ brand awareness.

  • An omni-channel interactive system with coordinated and consistent services was established to solve the critical and persistent issues in offline channels and to improve the readability and user-friendliness of online channels. After screening and optimising the key problems of offline channels, the complex problems concerning integrated services were reduced by 45% and 96 user scenarios were improved.

  • The centralised sharing capacity of the building of the platform was strengthened, providing professional support for front-end applications, and continuously optimised service handling procedures, thereby cutting the steps and duration of service sign-up by more than 50%, as well as lowering the duration of service sign-up at service outlets to less than 10 minutes. A smart customer service intensive operation system was built to achieve the interactive customer service delivery between personal service and digital platform and through swift and optimized procedures, along with unified standards, duration to solve users’ issues could be minimized, which would comprehensively improve customer service perception.

  • A supervisory system to promote problem-solving was established, achieving significant results brought by the major inspection by the State Council and improving the satisfaction in both the frontline staff and customers.

Innovative Internet services

China Unicom has actively developed Internet services and keeping up with the Internet development trends and customer needs. China Unicom has set up service channels on various Internet platform including WeChat, Baidu Baike, Zhihu and Douyin. Meanwhile, through a series of measures such as search engine optimisation and the opening of robot capabilities, the Company continuously scaled up the Internet services and handled 1.21 billion service orders through tier-1 channels. In particular, knowledge about China Unicom on Baidu Knows had been read over 300 million times, whereby China Unicom was rated TOP 1 partner of Baidu, exceeding Xiaomi and Huawei.

Improving service quality

China Unicom pushed forward the rectification and resolution of key issues in the principle of drawing lessons from one case to another.

  • With problem-solving as the notion, issues such as the Company’s system, procedures and rules were fully reviewed, achieving to deal with each kind of issues by addressing one issue of a kind.

  • The Company continued to push forward the rectification and management of key issues nationwide through solving the issues as via systematisation, reorganisation of procedures, and stressing focus to solve with the different rights between new and old subscribers, deduction of value-added service fees and repeated visits to the service outlet.

  • The event “Doubling the satisfaction as it was the initial intention” was carried out with high targets as initiative, problem-solving mechanism was consolidated through comprehensive appraisal and special evaluation.

  • A complaint-driven problem-solving mechanism was established integrating closed-loop resolution, professional coordination, early service warning, management accountability, and rectification to address the root causes of problems. In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology received 219.1 valid complaints per million subscribers, down by 50.3% year on year.

Actively responding to complaints

In 2019, China Unicom continued to strengthen the matrix-like complaint management system by improving complaint management and control, and achieved significant results in this regard as evidenced by the fact that there were no complaints filed about abusive charges in the entire year.

  • With an aim to improve customer perception, the Company raised the criteria for closing complaints, shortened the cycle of handling complaints, and strictly implemented the principles of first one taking the responsibility system, empowering front-line staff to offer service remedy and immediate commitment, thus improving both the quality and efficiency of compliant handling.

  • A “double closed-loop” complaint handling mechanism for single problems and similar key issues to resolve one kind of problems by addressing a compliant of the kind had been adopted.

  • To prevent complaints, the Company carried out the “Three-All” corporate culture discussion activity to screen out more than 30,000 issues affecting customer perception, adopted a transparent resolution process and put key issues under the supervision of the Group, effectively solving a host of long-standing and difficult issues affecting customer perception.

  • In 2019, the total number of complaints made through the 10010 hotline was 20.776 million, down by 22.0% period over period, representing a monthly complaint rate of 38.5 complaints per 10,000 users, down by 23.7% period over period. The rate of resolution of complaints stood at 98.1%, up by 0.3 percentage points period over period.

Improving customer reputation

China Unicom continuously strengthened brand experience and communication to comprehensively enhance customers' brand awareness, sending positive messages to attract users.

  • A series of service measures were launched such as renaming the 10015 hotline as the consumer rights protection hotline, and giving the guarantee to response the solution within three business days.

  • The NPS (customer satisfaction) evaluation was conducted in 2019, with the NPS for mobile increased by 7.2 points and the NPS for broadband services increased by 8.1 points. As to mobile network, the NPSs for network, business and service increased by 7.4, 10.3 and 23.4 points respectively, reaching the industry-leading levels.

  • Multi-level services, including five-star privileges programme offering six privileged services, were offered.

Guaranteeing transparent billing

In accordance with the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests” and other laws and regulations on the protection of customer rights and interests, China Unicom has strictly regulated the billing and charging practices, and has been protecting customers’ right to know about the services they consume, and has also been strengthening the awareness of know-how on products and services among consumers.

  • Increased publicity leveraging both traditional media and new Internet media which integrated with self-owned channels resources such as service outlets and mobile app were able to disseminate various information on products and services to consumers in a timely, accurate, and easy-to-understand manner.

  • Special control over illegal marketing activities such as bundling sales and unauthorized changes in user packages were closely monitored and serious penalties would be implemented should there be user-unauthorized sign up, trial service, change, and service subscription.

  • Focusing on promoting various nationwide-uniform packages which stressed on the simple and clear tariff structure and standard, thus reducing the number of products.

  • Form-free templates to ensure that users well understand about the services they subscribe had been continuously optimised.