China Unicom played its role as an engine of technological innovation among central state-owned enterprises. It bravely acted as the “source” of original technologies and entered untapped technological fields. It accelerated to tap the potential of digital technology and promoted the security and stability of the supply chain.

Developed New Communication Technology

Propelled 5G technology innovation

China Unicom adhered to Standalone (SA) as the ultimate 5G architecture and resolutely built a technologically leading 5G network. It actively propelled the evolution of 5G technology and deployed the first Standalone (SA) networks in the world. It cooperated with chip, terminal and equipment manufacturers to overcome challenges to drive the development of 5G value chain.

  • Took the lead in completing three 3GPP standards including 2.1G 50MHz/40MHz large bandwidth. Secured the approval for the refarming of 2.1G frequency band as 5G spectrum, supporting world-leading 5G deployment in 2.1G frequency band.

  • Spearheaded technical trials of millimetre wave network in the Winter Olympics use cases.

  • Spearheaded and completed tests to decouple 13 5G social cloud micro-sites from existing network 5GC NG interface.

  • Created a proprietary 5G intelligent energy-saving platform and 5G base station energy-consumption intelligent control system “integrating wireless technology and AI”.

  • Carried out new technology trials, centralised procurement testing and research on key issues of commercial deployment, and completed the first large-scale commercial deployment and operation of 5GC.

Propelled the application of quantum communication technology

  • Actively carried out research on the application of new technologies such as quantum secure communication architecture, optical fibre transmission and application effect analysis, and implemented a number of applications such as quantum encrypted video conferencing systems on the Jingxiong International pre-commercial quantum encryption trunk line.

  • Combined quantum encryption key services and blockchain technology to carry out in-depth research in the fields of digital identity and trusted terminals, and jointly promoted real-world applications in typical industry use cases.

Conducted 6G wireless technology pre-research

Completed the first domestic air-space-ground integrated business demonstration and verification, published several white papers on topics such as terahertz, blockchain, and air-space-ground integration, and successfully applied for multiple topics of the 6G national major project.

Built a Cloud-driven Business Model

Focusing on the new base, new cloud management and new PaaS capabilities and targeting at product capabilities and business scale enhancements, China Unicom vigorously enhanced the carrying capacity and research and development capabilities of the WO Cloud platform, constructed an integrated cloud product system, and achieved solid growth in innovative business.

Built a WO Cloud support system

The cloud support system adopted the microservice cloud-based architecture of “large middle platform + small front-end” to realise the decoupling between services and products. It had rich and flexible business arrangement capabilities, supporting rapid resource provisioning and full life cycle management. The four platforms of Yunjing, Yunce, Yunjing, and Yunchang support unified management of heterogeneous cloud pools and unified monitoring of resources across the entire network. 38 products have been launched so far.

Improved WO Cloud product system

The new WO Cloud focused on building a new base, new PaaS, and new cloud management product system to enhance the core capabilities of WO Cloud products and achieve scale development.

Strengthened Big Data Capabilities

China Unicom accelerated its digital transformation, consolidated its industry-leading data base, significantly improved its Big Data capabilities and formed an “accurate”, “fast”, “comprehensive”, “unified” and “connected” intelligent Big Data system to enable high-quality business development, striving to be a key player in digital China development. In 2020, the Company’s market share in Big Data business remained the highest in the industry.

  • Enhanced data asset integration capability. China Unicom has established a hyperscale Big Data cluster governance and data governance system and developed PB-level technical data processing, real-time analysis and model service capabilities to achieve end-to-end full life cycle data security management capabilities. It processed over 200TB of incremental data and undertook over 100,000 processing tasks every day.

  • Leveraging the advantages of centralised Big Data, China Unicom launched a user roaming location query API within 3 days to support “pandemic prevention and control travel history assistant” and “communication Big Data travel history card”. It processed a total of more than 755 million queries, serving 8.35 billion user trails across the network.

  • Enriched product capabilities. Building on big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology and with the goal of serving the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers, China Unicom formed a product matrix covering data application services, data technology services, artificial intelligence and blockchain and focusing on key industries including government affairs, finance, cultural and tourism, transportation and others. There were 8 ten-million-class products.

  • Consolidated proprietary research and development capabilities. China Unicom increased the proportion of proprietary research and development from nearly 0 to 70%, and achieved full autonomy in computing power allocation, data assets, data models, application development, automatic operation and maintenance and data security.

Enhanced the Value of IoT

In the era of intelligent connection of everything, China Unicom is committed to becoming a leader in “AIoT” empowering thousands of industries. It enhanced its core capabilities in platforms, networks, ecology, applications, etc., and offered integrated solutions and services including connectivity, applications, and terminals. It joined forces with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain to jointly develop a new 5G industry ecology and comprehensively empower the digital transformation and upgrade of the industry.

Built industry ecosystem

The Company developed its IoT industry alliance with an open sharing philosophy. It added 91 new partners in the year from key industries such as consumer electronics, smart healthcare, and smart city, thereby broadly aggregating industry ecological resources to accelerate the development of an intelligent IoT ecosystem.

Innovated on Blockchain Application

China Unicom regards blockchain as an important field for the breakthrough of proprietary innovation of core technology. It accelerated the integration between blockchain technology and innovative development of industry, and provided credible infrastructure for the development of the digital economy in the 5G era.

Built platform capabilities

The Company announced the “China Unicom Chain”, a unified carrying platform for blockchain products and capabilities. It developed a blockchain capability base with “1” BaaS platform and “8” generic service modules and created “N” innovative applications powered by blockchains to provide integrated infrastructure services of cloud, network and chain for the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers.

Continued to empower the nation

  • Developed the country’s first blockchain-based enterprise work resumption reporting platform, which was tested in 15 provinces and cities across the country and served more than 300 companies.

  • Blockchain-based test instruments and data management system were deployed and used in scale at China Unicom’s Hebei branch, with morethan 100 instruments and 200 users registered in the chain.

  • The Company was the first in the industry to develop a spectrum blockchain test system and launch a pilot run on the live network. It won the “ICT China 2020 Best Excellent Solution Award”.

Accelerated AI Innovation and Empowerment

China Unicom is committed to building intelligent infrastructure and product services and driving the comprehensive upgrade and restructuring of networks and products through artificial intelligence technology.

Promoted intelligent network transformation

  • Developed network AI test beds and MR intelligent construction and maintenance assistant systems, etc., and defined measurable classification of autonomous driving network.

  • Constructed a prototype of the digital twin model of the broadband access network to achieve an integrated and Internet-oriented operating model of access network planning, construction, maintenance and operation.

  • Designed and developed a proprietary IP network routing simulation system and designed an architecture prototype of the network digital twin system.

  • Built a digital twin system in the National New District (Xiong’an).

  • Held 2020AIIA Cup Artificial Intelligence and 5G Network Application Competition and ITU AI/ML in 5G Challenge and Network AI Forum.

Offered AI capabilities and applications

  • Opened up the Company’s capabilities in intelligent network, perception analysis, AI algorithm model, application services, etc. to reshape the smart city operating model.

  • Created applications such as new effective urban governance, new convenient public services, new industry upgrade, and new livable and green ecology to reshape the experience of citizens.